How to Keep Your Hair Healthy, Shiny and Beautiful

You can achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy hair by following a few simple rules on a regular basis. Small changes bring big, visible results! 

Regular trims: Every two months or so, treat your hair to a regular trim. Ask your hair stylist to cut off all worn, damaged ends, for example, anything from half an inch to an inch. Your hair grows approximately half an inch a month, hence even with a regular trim, your hair will still grow - while looking better, healthier and shinier! 

Don’t over-brush: Brushing keeps hair shiny, tangle-free and healthy, but too much brushing has the exact opposite effect. Paddle brush is great for longer hair and after a good wash, it is good to let the hair dry and only after that give it a thorough brush. 

Avoid too much colouring: Bleaching and colouring hair too often can prove very damaging. On the other hand, colouring will make hair look more fresh and shiny - just make sure you don’t colour it too often!

Daily vitamins and healthy diet: Your hair loves vitamins! Vitamin E, iron, healthy oils...your hair will thank you and you will see results very quickly. Even if you have a healthy diet, make sure your hair gets the extra aid for instance via supplements. 

Enough water and protein: Your hair loves vitamins, but it also loves water. Additionally, it wants a lot of protein! Want to know why? Because that is what hair is made of. By giving it enough water and protein you’re making sure it gets enough building material to keep growing and shining. Lack of either one of them will - unfortunately - show very quickly in your hair. 

Control the heat: Even with heat protection treatments, heat can be very damaging for your hair. Protect your hair by not using straightener or curling iron on a daily basis. Do it every other day or, even better, give it a break entirely and let it shine naturally. Even your hair needs a holiday! A good way to give it one is to curl it into a bun or a beautiful braid.

Choose your shampoo wisely: We recommend using a natural shampoo - preferably sulfate free. Sulfate is the chemical which makes a shampoo foam, which is why we often think the more foam, the better the shampoo. Wrong! From your hair’s point of view, the less foam the better. A natural, organic and sulfate-free shampoo means your hair will be cleaned in a more natural manner, yet adding shine, volume and moisture. Remember to read the label!