How to Attach Extensions into Shorter Hair

It is possible to attach hair extensions to even shoulder length hair. Follow these easy steps on how to do that - achieve a whole new style in moments!

Preparation: Heat protect your own hair with specifically designed heat protection spray. Let it dry and brush your hair. Please note, if your extensions are slightly wavy, you can still leave your own hair straight. This is because if your own hair is shorter, the end result is more natural. If your extensions have tight curls, then it is a good idea to also curl your own hair. Again, to achieve a more natural end result. 

Part hair: As is the case with longer hair, start with attaching the extensions to the back of you head. Part your hair to form a straight line into the back of your head. Tie the rest up with a clip. 

Use straightener: Straighten the loose hair with a straightener to make it slightly wavy and more natural (not curly!). This is because the hair is shorter and straightening will make it blend with the extension more naturally. 

Attach extensions: As is the case with attaching clip in extensions for longer hair, grab the middle clip of the extension and find the center of the back of your head. Attach the extensions firmly from the center, then left and finally right. Repeat this part elsewhere on the back of your head and on the sides - as many times as necessary and as many clip ins as you’re planning to wear.

Final touch: Most important part with shorter hair is to use the straightening iron to slightly soften the hair so that it is not straight, blends in easier with the extensions and doesn’t stick out. Go over the whole head and curl any loose ends slightly, blending them gently in to the rest of the hair.

Note, to achieve more volume into shorter hair, attach additional smaller clip in extensions on to the sides of your head.