How to Attach a Clip-In

Preparation: The extensions are best attached to clean, dry hair. Please brush your hair thoroughly before starting the process to make sure your hair is not tangled. Clip In extensions are incredibly easy to attach due to their firm, durable silicon clip included in each extension. These clips attach the extension to your hair tightly and firmly. The clip is easy to open and close. 

Back hair: Start with the back of your head. Separate a straight section of your hair and tie the rest of your hair up with a hair clip. Take the extension and brush it thoroughly. Measure the extension against your own head and make sure it is in the middle. Attach the  middle clip first. Then move on to the left side and after that the right side. Now continue to  attach extensions further up: separate another section of hair a few inches above the first one. Brush the extension, measure it against your head. Attach the center clip first. Then left and right. Repeat the process until you have attached all back extensions. 

Side hair: The process to attach side extensions is the same as with back hair. However, make sure to measure the correct position where you want to attach the extensions. For instance, two inches above the ear is perfect. Again separate a section of your hair in a straight line, tie the rest of your hair with a clip. Brush the extension to straighten out any tangles and as with the back hair, attach the clip firmly to your own hair. Repeat the process until you have attached all extensions on both sides of your head.

Styling: After you’ve attached all hair extensions, you can style it as normal! Tie it into a glamorous up-do or curl it into a Hollywood classic - choice is yours. The only limit is your imagination!