Ombre Hair Extensions

Real Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair colour has been and is right now a big trend around the world. From fashion shows to smaller house parties, this colour will amaze everybody around you. The basic idea comes from a surf and beach look where the sun has given a light touch to some parts of your hair. In hair extensions the colour method is a mix which starts with one colour on top and fades to a different colour longer down the hair line. The fading of the colour happens gradually downwards usually from darker to lighter which gives a beautiful and smooth look. Off course the mix can be whatever you like by matching darker or lighter shades together or you could simply go extra wild by using your imagination and the rainbow as your inspiration. The mix gives endless possibilities as you can mix and match colour schemes as you like. Ombre is pure hotness we would say. Give it a try, you’ll not regret it!

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